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I’ll be posting much much more frequently over at


which is a variety of things i like and see and make.  seems more honest and easier to keep up with, if it isn’t just about my art.


i’m not made for this. everything seems more important. thanks, if you still look here. sorry, i let things go. maybe someday there will be a more efficient way for us to be in contact.
because i do get asked this, and the year is almost over, let me try to explain: i teach elementary school. i find it far more satisfying than i ever did doing illustration work. i still paint all the time, and i still field occasional jobs, i just don’t do any promotion anymore. also, for 2011 my new years resolution was to be without the internet, meaning i don’t have it at home and i don’t have a smart phone. work and the coffee shop are where i do this sort of thing, and teaching doesnt give you more than 10 or 15 minutes a day to randomly peruse websites… let alone your own.
so, the second issue of my book “everything unseen” is out on revival house now. some people said some nice things about it here (full review if you click on mine) and here.  i’m happy some people thought about it enough to write some stuff down.  you can get it, and the first one, from here.


im having an open house tomorrow, as im packing up to move.   large and small pieces will be discounted, viewable, and ready to go home with you.  i live in LA, by the way.  310-704-6656, if you want to come over.

did some work for a great band called “other mountains” and grew to enjoy their personal company quite a lot.  this is the cover and wrap around sleeve to their debut album. jordan butcher, who i worked with on the underoath album did the beautiful graphic design and text on this.  getting involved with this and these fellows has been a real rewarding and pleasurable experience. i think it’ll be an album that you will want to check out, and if  you’re aware of my discerning musical taste, that will mean even more to you.