if im beating a dead horse, forgive me, but i haven’t yet done a fully realized complete posting about my comic that just came out.  so here goes.  “everything unseen parts 1-3” is the first installment of a story that will be completed within the span of 4 or 5 books.  it is 54 pages, offset print b/w with a color cover.  i hesitate to call it a comic, though most readily that would be the correct term for it (unless you grew up as familiar with religious tracts as i did. then that would be the most correct term.)  it has more words, almost no panels, little by way of “scenes”, and i think reads in a different way altogether.
Revival House Press called it a dystopian epic. i guess i’m ok with that.
it’s not something for everyone, but i think those of you who it is for will like it a lot. it is 10 dollars. available at the link in the beginning of this paragraph.